Stereo Cameras


Verascope, Jules Richard, Paris, c.1903
silver plated stereo camera with magazine back
for 12 plates of 45 x 107 mm,
lens Rectilinear 8/55 mm with guillotine shutter, serial no.30559.



Glyphoscope 2, Jules Richard, Paris, c.1905
stereo camera in bakelite
for plates of 45 x 107 mm,
Achromat lens with guillotine shutter.
The shutter panel can be removed so he can be used as a stereo viewer, serial no.15179.



Monobloc, V.Liebe, Paris, c.1920
stereo and panorama camera with magazine
for 6 plates size 6 x 13 cm, Lens Berthiot 5,7/85 mm
with a pneumatic spring shutter with 6 times.
By moving the front plate the lens can be put into the middle
to make panoramic pictures, serial no.2281.

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